CEO and Managing Director
AIA Australia & New Zealand

Damien Mu is the CEO and Managing Director of AIA Australia and New Zealand. Damien’s career at AIA Australia began in 2007, and he was appointed to the role of CEO in 2014.
Damien has more than 20 years’ experience in the Australian financial services industry, with management experience spanning life and health insurance, superannuation and investments.
Over this time, Damien has highlighted the integral roles that advice and insurance play in supporting Australians, as well as the economy more broadly. He has also developed insight into the importance of wellbeing and is a strong advocate for positive physical and mental health.
As a leader, Damien is passionate about inspiring people to be their best and leading a purpose led organisation that makes a difference and champions healthier, longer, better lives.
While many in this audience might be impressed by Damien’s 20 year tenure in the financial services industry, the fact that Damien has also had the same spiky haircut this whole time is equally noteworthy!