Co-Founder, Owner and Principal Consultant
Peloton Partners

Peloton is a highly successful financial services consulting business that identifies the latent value in every financial planning practice and actively assists that business to execute the project management plan to realise that value. Therefore, we focus on real and actual outcomes and not just what is possible. We do this via our inter-related offerings of iFOCUS (a point in time review of the business to identify the revenue potential and provide guidance on what the business could achieve through a transition of its service, value and advice pricing structures) and iDELIVER (implementing the strategies contained in the iFOCUS review over a 24 month period).Peloton are experts in restructuring upfront and ongoing pricing models that accurately reflects the value delivered to clients by financial planning businesses ensuring complete alignment between clients and their ongoing advice journey with their adviser.2008–July 2012:Shadforth Financial Group Ltd (4 years)Positions Held: Special Projects & General Manager Victoria / Head of Mergers & Acquisitions2000–2008:The Money Managers Ltd–Financial Planning Business (8 years) Positions Held: General Manager/ CEO / Business Owner1991–2001:Victoria Police (10 years) Positions Held: Various including Detective and General Duties