Pro Bono Advice Network

Nicola Beswick is a financial adviser, mentor and confidante who empowers people to create a financially certain future free from stress and uncertainty.

While studying science at the University of Otago, Nicola realised that she needed to swap the lab coat for a career that involved more human interaction. She moved into intellectual property law and drew off her science background to become a patent attorney.

When Nicola’s father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 55, Nicola once again re-evaluated her career and the contribution she could make to the greater good. The experience highlighted the importance of financial education and structure so people can plan for the future and its unexpected hurdles. Nicola said goodbye to her legal career to become a financial planner.

In mid-2019 Nicola became involved at an advisor level in the Pro-bono Financial Advice Network (PFAN). PFAN specifically provides advice to individuals who have experienced a health crisis. She was subsequently elected as a Director in late 2019 and then Chair in July 2021.

Since entering the world of finance, Nicola has completed the Certified Financial Planner®, Accredited Aged Care Professional™, and SMSF Specialist Advisor™ qualifications. Nicola currently undertaking a Masters of Financial Planning.